A Brief Overview about the Resumption of International Travel in Australia

11 March 2021

Since international boundaries were shut on March 20 last year, the fate of overseas travel and when it may continue for Australians has been covered in speculation. Presently, as the main portions of the vaccine arrive and the sluggish cycle of jabbing the nation begins, there’s somewhat more light – or if nothing else, clarity – at the finish of the passage.

International Travel Still Banned in Australia

Many nations around the world are struggling to contain the spread of the infection, on a substantially more dramatic scale than Australia has experienced up until this point. In places like the UK and US, cases are on the ascent. Australia has fared better, however that could easily be fixed.

The vast majority of the guidelines that we’re living under have been laid somewhere near state governments, however one of only a handful few federally mandated rules is a nationwide ban on international travel – except if your excursion meets one of the exemptions.

Frequently Asked Questions About International Travel in Australia

Is International Travel Permitted Next Year?

If the federal government lifts the travel ban, there’s no chance of free international travel from or into Australia. In early December, the travel ban, which was coming up to its expiry date, was reached out for another three months until mid-March 2021.

Is Travel to New Zealand Permitted?

Plans for a trans-Tasman travel bubble, which would allow two-way travel among Australia and New Zealand, without guests from either nation being needed to finish a mandatory 14-day quarantine period. Yet, then, the mid-year flood and other sudden outbreaks, on the two sides of the dump, continue to represent an issue.

Sydney’s outbreak in the lead-up to Christmas put the question on when the full realization of the air pocket may happen, which had initially been planned for the primary quarter of 2021, and then an outbreak in Auckland in early February caused Australia to temporarily suspend the travel bubble altogether.

Be that as it may, it’s too soon to know without a doubt if there will be a way to manage the reciprocal travel arrangement among Australia and New Zealand before a greater amount of the two populations are vaccinated.

When Will Air Travel Recover to Business As Usual?

It relies upon what kind of ‘normal’ we’re talking about. In the Beforetime, Australians and individuals around the world were taking to the skies in record number, on trips for relaxation, work and to see family and companions in far-flung places. Our increasingly global, jet setting habits were scuppered at the start of last year, and we were grounded with a crash.

While international travel could begin in Australia before the year’s over, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) indicated that the levels we’ll be flying probably will not match those in 2019 for at least a couple of years. Even after a vaccine is broadly available, trust in international travel will take years to rehabilitate, according to the IATA, meaning airlines should charter fewer planes.


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