Discover The Rich Culture of Vietnam: Book Your Hanoi, Ha Long and Sapa Tour with Atlas Travel VIC

28 June 2022

If you only have a short amount of vacation time, you could go on this trip. Joining this package gives you the chance to travel from the remote mountain ranges of Sapa to the thousands of limestone karsts of Halong Bay and back to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It’s a real adventure that takes you from the mountain to the ocean. Not only do you get to see interesting places, but you also get to indulge your passion for cooking and try out Vietnamese food. In the cooking class, you will go to the local market to buy ingredients for your dishes and learn how to cook local food the best way. Let’s have fun on your trip to Vietnam and get to know the people there.

About the Destination

The city of Hanoi is a fusion of the old and the new. From East to West you’ll find an architecture that’s as unique as its inhabitants. In addition to the Mausoleum and the Stilt House, the One Pillar Pagoda and other landmarks in the Ho Chi Minh City complex provide a wealth of historical, artistic, and architectural information. Don’t miss a visit to the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s earliest university, where you may learn about the country’s educational and historical traditions. The Museum of Ethnology is a great place to learn more about the diverse cultures of the world’s minorities. There is a lot to see and learn at the exhibition, which includes useful messages and fascinating anecdotes about ethnic traditions and customs. To get away from the noise and bustle of Hanoi, a trip to Nha Trang would be a great alternative for a vacation in Vietnam.

The Essence of this Trip

Family vacations are a great way to bring everyone together. This unforgettable Vietnam Tour is designed to provide you and your family with a stress-free vacation that includes plenty of time for your children to have fun while you relax. There are many reasons why this six-day vacation to Vietnam will enrich your mind and soul, including friendly locals, a chance to teach your children about history and culture in Hue Citadel, restful days in Hoi An Ancient Town, and excellent activities in the spectacular Halong Bay.

Enrich and Discover More about Vietnam

This Hanoi – Ha Long 6-day tour is a great option if you only have a limited amount of time to spend in the north of Vietnam. Travellers will be able to see Ha Long Bay’s stunning limestone islands and participate in sports like kayaking, rowing boats, and a culinary class onboard during a single day of their trip. Extra time in Hanoi will allow you to learn more about the city’s culture and history, as well as the people who live there and their daily routines, as you explore the city’s environs at night.

The Food and the People

Discover Vietnam’s rich cultural and gastronomic traditions on this ethnic and culinary journey that takes you from the North to the South. Join Vietnamese cooking classes, visit Hanoi and Hue, and cruise across Halong Bay, a World Natural Heritage packed with miraculous islands, limestone grottos, and emerald seawater. Indulge all of your senses in delectable flavours and enticing smells, while also checking off your bucket list items like seeing iconic monuments and getting a taste of the local culture.

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