Going on a Cruise: Information about Covid19 Restrictions

03 December 2020

An overseas travel ban is in place for all Australians, with few exceptions. You won’t have the option to depart Australia to travel overseas, remembering for international cruises. If you have a forthcoming cruise booking and haven’t already done this, contact your cruise company or travel agent to investigate alternative options, for example, rebooking onto a future cruise, full or partial discounts. In certain instances, contingent upon your approach your travel insurance may help. Before you go on a cruise, make sure you take steps to be prepared and decrease your dangers of things going wrong. This will assist you with having a safe and without hassle venture.

Cruise-Explicit Travel Insurance

Insurance arrangements don’t always cover cruises. Make sure you pick a travel insurance strategy that covers you for cruising, and any activities you do onshore. Some cruise ships won’t allow you to board without cruise-explicit insurance.

Destinations onshore. Make sure you’re covered. Check the advice level. If it’s level 3 or 4, your strategy may avoid that destination.

Australian waters. On the off chance that your cruise isn’t leaving Australian waters, you need travel insurance for your health. You may not have the option to claim on Medicare or private health insurance on the boat. Check before you go if your boat has a Medicare-accessible specialist on board.

Activities. Your insurance needs to cover your onshore activities and shore excursions. Adventure activities may not have the same safety standards as Australia.

Medical evacuations. Make sure you’re covered for medical evacuation at sea. The expense of medically evacuating a patient from a cruise transport by helicopter can be in the $100,000s.

Regardless of low healthy and fit you are, on the off chance that you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. The Australian Government won’t pay for your medical costs overseas or medical evacuation costs.

Passports and Visas

Before you go, organize your passport and any visas you’ll require. Pack your passport. In case you’re entering an outside nation’s waters, you may be asked to show it, regardless of whether you don’t plan to disembark in the nation. Learn more about passports. Get your visas. For all destinations. Check visa necessities with your cruise operator or holiday supplier a long time before your planned departure. Learn more about visas.

Extreme Weather and Tsunami Chances

Check the weather. Especially in case you’re travelling to someplace that encounters cyclones. Realize what to do in an emergency. This incorporates extreme weather and earthquakes and tsunamis.

Taking Care of Your Health

Health checks and vaccinations. Before you go, get health checks and any vaccinations your primary care physician suggests.

Previous conditions. You’re bound to require medical assistance overseas if you have a prior medical condition, for example, pregnancy, a disability or a mental health issue.

Personal cleanliness. Cruise ships were heavily impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in 2020. Gastro bugs are famously common on cruise ships. Learn more about forestalling irresistible diseases.

Onboard medical care. Standards on board may not be as acceptable as in Australia. Talk to your cruise operator about facilities and expenses on board.

Onshore medical care. If it’s too genuine to even consider treating on board, they may transfer you to a hospital at the following port.

Staying Safe On Board

Decrease the danger of burglary. It only takes one hoodlum to destroy your outing by stealing your things when you’re not looking. Lock your cabin entryway, utilize the safe for valuables and stay vigilant on board. See more about burglary and theft.

Party safely. Many cruise liners are famous for their bars, clubs and cocktails by the pool. Take the same precautions as you would onshore. Don’t take drugs. Know your cutoff points, watch for drink spiking and take care of others. See more about partying safely.

Assault. See our advice on diminishing the danger of assault, sexual assault and muggings.


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