Know More About the Latest Updates in Hotel Quarantine Protocols in Australia

05 August 2021

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the movement of incoming travellers would be further restricted “in order to help drive down [the] concerning number of imported cases”. In March 2020, Scott Morrison announced incoming travellers would need to quarantine in a designated facility for 14 days.

In July, the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee, which is the “key decision making committee for health emergencies,” and is comprised of the chief health officers of each state as well as the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer, said: “The AHPPC recommends that the goal for Australia is to have no community transmission of COVID-19, strengthening the current suppression strategy and updating metrics.”

The objective of Hotel Quarantine is to prevent the spread of the virus from any arriving traveller who is infected into the wider community. The design, management and delivery of quarantine services is therefore critical to the achievement of this objective.”

Latest Updates in Hotel Quarantine Protocols in Australia

Quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand commenced on 19 April 2021. Known as green zone travel, it enables the movement of people between the 2 countries in a way that is safe and ensures that public health requirements are met.

Travelling to Australia

A number of measures have been put in place by the Australian government to manage the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia. Returning to Australia from overseas is still challenging. We know this is a very stressful time for those trying to come home. We encourage you to be patient and be prepared for delays and disruptions to your travel plan.

There are numerous airlines operating weekly commercial schedules that have connections to Australia. You can make domestic connections once you have arrived in Australia and completed the 14 days mandatory quarantine. Consider using a travel agent to explore all flight options available. You can discuss your personal circumstances and preferences with the agent. Alternatively, you can call the airlines directly (suggest you call rather than utilise their website or other search engines which may not have the most up to date information). We suggest you maintain regular contact with your airline or travel agent for updated options.

When making your booking, please ensure that you understand the transit requirements of the foreign country you are transiting in. Some countries require that your flight is with the one carrier right through to your final destination and you cannot leave or change terminals or be subject to the quarantine requirements of that country.

Please be aware of the travel requirements such as: a negative covid-19 test prior to departure; wearing a face masks or face shield etc on board; lack of refreshments/meals on board; any forms that need completing for any transit countries prior to departure; confirm you have six (6) months validity on your passport for any transit countries; and ensure your visa is updated.


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