Travel Responsibly: Latest Updates and Tips on Leisure Travel Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

18 November 2021

Travelling should be a fun, exciting experience. Travellers need to reach their destinations as smoothly as possible by ensuring they have the correct documentation, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the latest updates and tips on leisure travel amid the pandemic.

Changes in restrictions to travel to the Netherlands

Only the European Union and Schengen country nationals and residents plus members of their families, as well as residents of third countries on the list established by the EU, can presently travel to the Netherlands. Please note this list is subject to change, according to developments regarding Covid-19.

The situation has changed for (British and non-British) UK residents, as the United Kingdom no longer is an EU country and is now subject to the EU entry ban. For countries under the EU entry ban, there is only a limited number of exemptions (where it is possible to travel to the Netherlands).

Additional Australian Visa Application And Biometric Collection Centres

Travel restrictions are in place and subject to change. You cannot come to Australia unless you are in an exempt category or you have been granted an individual exemption to the current travel restrictions. Additional New Zealand Visa Application Centres will reopen to accept applications from individuals who meet the border exceptions criteria. The New Zealand border is still closed to everyone but New Zealand citizens and residents. There are some exceptions but the criteria for granting an exception are very strict. This is to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of people already in New Zealand.

Limited Norway Visa Services Resume

The Government has permitted the entry of foreign nationals from countries outside the EU/EEA (third-country nationals) who have family or an established romantic relationship in Norway. No exemptions are granted from quarantine duty or ordinary provisions of the Immigration Act. Entry is limited to foreign nationals who can document a place of stay for the quarantine period according to Covid-19-regulation, and who have one of the following relations to a person residing in Norway:

Spouse, registered partner or cohabitant; Child or stepchild under 21 to a person residing in Norway; Parent or stepparent to a child under 21 residing in Norway; Boyfriend/girlfriend who have been in the relationship for at least nine months. Parties are required to have met each other physically. The person who lives in Norway must submit a self-declaration which the relationship partner must present on arrival in Norway, confirming that the two requirements have been met. A copy of the form shall be submitted together with the application for a visa.

Visa Services To Resume In Canberra, Australia

Austria, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Belgium and Ukraine Joint Visa Application Centres will resume operations from 20 October 2021 with limited appointments. India visa services will resume from 20 October 2021 with limited appointments.

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