Understanding Local Accommodation Restrictions in Victoria

24 February 2021

All of Victoria will be under special restrictions until 11:59pm, Wednesday 17 February 2021. At this point you must understand the local accommodation restrictions in Victoria.

Primary Mandates

You must wear a face mask both indoors and outdoors unless you’re at home or you have a lawful reason not to. You must carry a face mask at all times. Accommodation is closed unless for a permitted reason or to shelter. New accommodation bookings can’t be made.

You can only leave your home for these reasons: First, shopping for necessary goods and services — only 1 person per household per day can go shopping; they can take a support person if needed. Also, for receiving healthcare, caregiving or compassionate reasons; essential work or permitted education; exercise for 2 hours per day — you can exercise with the members of your household, or with 1 other person you don’t live with; and in an emergency, or for other reasons where an exemption applies

You must not travel further than 5 kilometres from your primary residence. This doesn’t apply to travel to essential work. If there are no shops in your 5-kilometre radius, you can travel to the shops that are closest to you.

COVID-safe Summer Restrictions

You’re free to travel anywhere in Victoria. Accommodation is open — but private gathering limits apply. You can book accommodation with the people you live with, your intimate partner and up to 15 people who you don’t live with. Babies under 12 months are not included in this limit. There are no restrictions on how long you can holiday.

If you need to leave your home because you’re at risk of violence in your home, safe accommodation and support for family violence are available.

Mandatory Face Masks

You must wear a fitted face mask in all public indoor spaces — unless you have a lawful reason for not wearing one. It is also recommended that masks are worn during the visits to private homes. However, you must carry a mask with you at all times — unless you have a lawful reason not to. You should also wear a face mask when you can’t maintain 1.5 metres from other people. Those who don’t wear a face mask in these settings and don’t have a lawful excuse, will face a fine.

Exemptions include if: you have a medical condition that makes wearing a face mask unsuitable; you can’t do your job while wearing a face mask; when communication is difficult for people who are deaf or hard of hearing; and during emergencies.  Face shields, bandanas and scarves are not sufficient. You can remove your mask to eat or drink if you’re out in public.

Children younger than 12 years of age don’t need to wear a face mask. Children aged 2 years or younger must not wear a face mask, because they’re a choking and suffocation risk. Some industries require staff or customers to wear face coverings as part of their COVIDSafe Plan.


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