5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance is a Must for Overseas Travel

11 February 2021

Embarking on overseas travel whether for business or leisure requires broad preparation to guarantee that the excursion would be productive and safe. This is why having travel insurance turns into an essential part of travelling. It does not just act as a safety net against the risk of causing unforeseen medical costs yet besides safeguards against other travel-related crises that could ruin your excursion; for example – losing a passport or checked-in baggage.

Here are some key reasons why travel insurance is a must-have for overseas travellers.

1.Saves from unforeseen medical costs

Regardless of how careful our planning is, there are sufficient things that could turn out badly while travelling which can make us feel specifically vulnerable while being on foreign soil. Bringing about the expense of a medical crisis that we didn’t spend plan for could lead to financial pressure, accordingly making the whole holiday experience turn nightmarish. This is the place where travel insurance acts as a hero. It offers coverage for medical exigencies and that too on a cashless basis.

  1. A companion in an unfamiliar region

A travel insurance cover that offers 24X7 client service for claims overseas could end up being a companion who helps connect language barriers or geographical constraints. Regardless of where one is; with a travel insurance strategy, they’d make certain of the fact that there is a dedicated team to help you in case of any medical or travel-related crisis.

It assures one of immediate assistance is it for a medical evacuation, admission to the nearest hospital or guidance on cycle for reissuance of misplaced travel reports. The cycle is sans hassle for the guaranteed as the client care would work with the local medical supplier/authorities straightforwardly.

  1. Coverage for personal liability

Some of the time a crisis may include damage being delivered to an outsider – individual or property – wherein costs for the same would have to be borne by the protected. To cover this, some travel insurance plans also offer an advantage called ‘Personal Liability’ wherein the insurance company will cover the costs for outsider damages.

  1. Travel-related crises

At times, we may cause non-medical crises, for example, losing a passport, laptop, international driving permit, checked-in baggage or excursion delays inferable from bad weather which thus could lead to a missed flight association or unutilised lodging reservation. Travel insurance plans offer financial help to cover many such exigencies. A few companies significantly offer compensation for visa charge in case the same is dismissed. So it’s ideal to have travel insurance close by to have the option to tackle such situations in a superior way.

  1. Mandatory prerequisite

Scarcely any nations have made it mandatory for visitors to have travel insurance; you would prefer not to arrive at the immigration counter and be informed that an absence of insurance has restricted you from entering the foreign land. There are times visa applications get dismissed because of the absence of travel insurance documentation – so before travelling abroad, make certain to check whether your destination country has made travel insurance a pre-requisite for visitors.


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