Adelaide Tours: Best Sights and Things to do in Adelaide

11 June 2020

Adelaide, commonly known as the capital of South Australia (SA), is in itself a city abundant in culture, flavours, events and entertainment. Its geographical makeup is composed of picturesque and scenic metropolitan beaches where you can soak up the sun while strolling through boutiques, restaurants and bars. Scroll down and see the best sights and things to do in Adelaide.

Shop at Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide’s Central Market prides upon being “Adelaide’s food hub.” With its 80 stalls all in one roof, you will see the variety of Australia’s largest fresh produce markets, as well as an excellent range of fruit and vegetable shops to choose from. You will never go wrong with their delicious patisseries and cafes, gourmet cheeses, sweets, and a popular, delicious charcuterie.

But that’s not it. Adelaide Central Market also offers live music every Friday, and various events throughout the year, such as cooking classes, edible-gift making, school holiday workshops for the kids, and even a vegan festival. The best thing about this is that the market supports local South Australian farmers and artisans without sacrificing sustainable and environment-friendly options.

Enjoy Long Walks and Immerse in History at Glenelg

Glenelg is a seaside resort in suburban Adelaide, easily accessible from Adelaide City Centre or Adelaide Airport. It is a popular attraction for locals and guests due to the lovely coast and shore that makes it ideal for your Zen time. They also offer recreational boating and jetty for some maximum enjoyment of these gorgeous views.

Glenelg is not only popular for its beauty, in fact it is also very rich in history. Glenelg is considered as the oldest European settlement on mainland South Australia, being established with the proclamation of the colony of South Australia. Heritage sites such as the Centenary Memorial, Stormont House, Glenara, and Glenelg Town Hall – Bay Discovery Centre are among the historically significant establishments in the area.

Appreciate Nature at Cleland Conservation Park

Cleland Conservation Park is a 20-minute drive from the city centre. This conservation park includes the beautiful Mt Lofty, a great spot for a panoramic view of the city, as well as the very popular Cleland Wildlife Park where you can get up close to emus, koalas and other Australian native animals.

You can also see the Waterfall Gully Reserve at the said park. It is aptly named after the First Falls which is a beautiful waterfall within its grounds and also within the Cleland Conservation Park. The Conservation Park is indeed a must-see when you are in Adelaide. It is significantly rich in diverse, beautiful flora and fauna, and stopping by is a great opportunity to experience South Australian natural environments a stone’s throw from the city.

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