Does Your Travel Agency Provide Travel Insurance? Why is This Important?

13 December 2019

Regardless of how well-planned a trip may be, things can still go wrong. Workers for various means of transportation or for lodging establishments can picket for higher wages at the last minute, cruise ships malfunction leaving travellers stranded, medical issues happen, travellers may have to cancel trips unexpectedly, technology outages can cause issues and inclement weather might shut down airports and airlines just for some examples of what may turn a trip into an unpleasant experience. Prepaying for a trip does not guarantee that it will be free of problems. To protect their investment, many travellers buy travel insurance today. If your travel agency does not supply this service, you need to change to a different agency. Read on to learn why it is important for a travel company to offer this type of insurance.

1. You Can Recoup Your Investment If You Need to Cancel Your Trip for a Covered Reason

A trip can cost into the thousands of dollars even through a travel agency. Many times, you cannot cancel in case of a personal emergency without sacrificing part or all of your investment. However, with the right travel insurance with cancellation benefits, you can reimburse for non-refundable, prepaid trip fees when you do so for a covered reason. Make note that just changing your mind is not covered. It has to be for an emergency or other serious reason.

2. Certain Types of Travel Insurance Cover Medical Expenses in Case of Emergencies

In case of a medical emergency occurring on your trip, certain forms of travel insurance can help pay your medical expenses. This is especially helpful when your health insurance is not valid in your destination, especially overseas.

3. Travel Insurance Protects You from Unexpected Issues

It is not unusual for airlines to have delays today due to inclement weather or mechanical breakdowns. Unexpected issues such as these and other problems can cause you to lose money on non-refundable accommodation expenses. Travel insurance will cover this loss under these conditions. Other unexpected issues include cancellation of a trip by the Tour Company, cruise ships breaking down in the middle of the ocean or running aground and airline crashes along with other unforeseen issues.

4. Travel Insurance Provide Peace of Mind

Knowing that you are covered for the above issues and other ones, gives you peace of mind as you depart on your trip. As a result, you can relax on your journey a bit more than if you fail to purchase a travel policy.

Travel agencies should always provide access to affordable travel insurance. If your agency does not do this, come to Atlas Travel for all of your needs. We offer a wide variety of travel services from flights and visas to this type of insurance.

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